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As the experienced voice for the trade in horticultural products, goods and
services in the United States, Sally Benson is a repository of much of the
scientific journalism in the industry in this country. Her need to be a
garden communicator is a simple one:

“Because it’s been my job and joy since 1988.”

Stay aware of the trends in the industry by joining hundreds of garden
communicators at the GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh. Attend workshops,
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Susan is the president of The Herb Society of America. She travels the country promoting the benefits of cultivating all things herb. Defining why she is a garden communicator was easy:

“I want to spread herbal knowledge.”

Join dozens of other garden communicators spreading the good news of horticulture at the GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh from August 8 through 11, 2014. Enjoy garden tours, a trade show, educational seminars, networking, and Big City Lights!

Join Garden Writers for an exclusive peek at some of historic Pittsburgh.
The Newington Estate, home of Jay and Ellen Brooks, is one of the oldest
homes in the region, dating back to 1785. The original property, situated on
the Ohio River just west of Pittsburgh, was acquired by the current owner’s
ancestors as payment for serving in the American Revolution with Gen. George
Washington. Now housed on 10 sprawling acres, this two-story brick mansion
is framed by a guesthouse, a barn, a springhouse and the family’s original

Colossal trees such as Katsuras, Beeches, Dawn Redwoods, Apples and
Sycamores are amongst the largest specimens of their kind. Newington’s
manicured gardens and rhododendron and azalea collection are spectacular.
Wander through the Yew maze, rest on a bench beneath arched arborvitae, and
browse the boxwood-framed rose garden. Teardrop-shaped Callery pears line
the perennial border while statuary and topiaries are scattered throughout
these formal gardens.

When asked why he maintains such a long and historic gardening tradition,
Jay Brooks speaks of his love for all of the varieties of plant material
that adorn his property. “That tree was probably here before 1812. My father
talked of the tradition of planting that Franklinia tree at the end of the
great lawn. I love pruning the pear tree allee and all of the boxwood
hedges. There is a great seasonality here.” And then he walked us to the
PawPaw grove. They should be lush during the visit on our day of touring.

Take the Sewickley Valley tour of gardens on Saturday August 9. There are
five outstanding properties of beautiful gardening art.

Carrie Wiles is from North Creek Nurseries and also a member of Garden Writers. The company is a wholesale grower of starter plugs to the trade. They cultivate plants ranging from new varieties to tried-and-true favorites, and from ornamentals to treasured natives. Carrie is one of the Track Stars that will be featured on the education program at the upcoming Pittsburgh Symposium for Garden Writers. You’ll have to be present to see
her run!

Join Carrie and other members of the Garden Writers Association from August 8 through 11 at the 2014 GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh for education, garden tours, networking, the trade show, and more!

Lloyd’s wife, Candy, is a member of Garden Writers Association. Together they own Peace Tree Farm. They will be exhibiting their incredible array of new and unusual plant material at the trade show on the display floor of Pittsburgh 2014. Join Lloyd and Candy when the Garden Writers Association gathers in Pittsburgh from August 8th through the 11th, 2014 for our annual Symposium. Enjoy training, garden tours, new product introductions, socializing, and big city lights!

All-American Selections is an independent, non-profit organization that tests new varieties then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners. As their Executive Director, Diane recognizes the benefit of communicating through the membership of Garden Writers Association.

“I rely on Garden Writers because they are a vital link to the home

Visit Diane in the AAS booth on the trade show floor of the 2014 GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh. From August 8 through August 11 participate in seminars, social networking, garden tours, new product introductions… recharge!

What did you do before you started at Ball Publishing?

“I was a newspaper reporter for five years.”

Did you get squeezed out or did you want to leave?


Are you willing to risk a crush of garden writers querying about writing

“We always want to hear voices from the industry: growers, retailers, garden
writers, vendors. Email, phone, Facebook. write us!”

Jennifer Polanz is Managing Editor-At-Large for Grower Talks and Green
Profit magazine.

Why do you work in the hort industry? What drives you?

“I love that people in this industry are so committed to what they’re doing.
My passion is helping people grow in their professions to be successful.”

Amy Eldridge manages CENTS (The Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show) on
behalf of the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association.

Debra describes her life’s work as designer, lecturer, teacher and advisor in the horticultural industry. Located in central Ohio, she shares her work throughout the Midwest and is an often requested speaker at garden clubs, horticulture related events, book fairs, libraries and non-profit organizations. When asked why she is a garden communicator she responds
almost immediately:

“Because gardening is my life! Everything I do is somehow connected with plants, nature, and the next generations on the planet.”

Debra will speak in the educational program at Garden Writers Association’s 2014 Symposium in Pittsburgh. Join her August 8 through 11 for horticulture, writing, social media marketing, networking, garden tours, swag! Attend the most important event of the year for garden communicators!

Christine goes to work every day in a garden of plant delights. Her passion is horticulture and she works for one of the many companies who support Garden Writers Association:

“I realize how important it is for me and ARIS Horticulture/Blooms of Bressingham to have this special horticultural relationship with our customers. I understand how important Garden Writers Association is in supporting our industry.”

Visit with the many companies that will be exhibiting on the trade show
floor of Garden Writers Association’s 2014 Symposium in Pittsburgh. The premier industry event for garden communicators runs from August 8 through 11, 2014. With hundreds of other garden communicators you will learn about blogging, photography, soil, sustainable gardening, marketing, and more. Make new friends; tour amazing gardens.

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