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Jennifer is second generation in the nursery industry. She serves as the Research Programs Administrator for the Horticultural Research Institute, the research affiliate for American Hort. She is a garden communicator because:

“I like connecting the natural environment with the membership that I serve and American Hort’s membership with the natural environment.”

Any organization would be pleased and proud to employ her. Michael Geary, Executive Director for American Hort, will be delivering a major industry address at the GWA Pittsburgh Symposium. Join him and and hundreds of other garden communicators from August 8 through August 11. The conference includes a show floor, educational seminars, new product introductions, networking, and tours.

Kirk wears many hats and travels the country with many pairs of uncomfortable shoes. With any of his botanical and horticultural interpretations, Kirk breathes life into the history of garden communicating because of his passion:

“I am a garden communicator because of my need to connect my many audiences with the art, science, practice and dirt of gardening. I firmly believe that America’s gardening history can lead us into a green future.”

Join Kirk at the 2014 Garden Writers Association Symposium on August 8, 2014 in Pittsburgh. The conference is open to anyone. Join use to learn about garden design, writing, edibles, soil, native plants, and more. Visit formal gardens and hobnob with industry luminaries.

What do you like about being a garden communicator?

“I’ve always loved to write.”

Why gardening?

“People like to have someone tell them, ‘Hey! You’re doing a good job.’ The plant tells you when you do a good job for it. The industry has taught me you have to talk about things that are relevant to consumers.”

Dinner at the zoo? Why not? That and plenty of other amazing activities will broaden your knowledge of photography, writing, horticulture, soil, insects, and much more at the 2014 Garden Writers Association Symposium in Pittsburgh. August 8 through August 11.

Shawna Coronado works 24/7 on communicating the diverse benefits of life in the green and growing industry. Her passion and skill drives her awareness of life in the digital world of social media. Her reason to be a garden communicator is simple:

“I want to make a difference with social good.”

Come to Pittsburgh on August 8, 2014 for the Garden Writers Association Symposium. Visit the show floor; tour amazing gardens; learn about sustainable gardening, edibles, marketing, writing, photography, blogging, and more. Not enough? How about social networking over dinner at the zoo? You might even meet Shawna.

With all of her awareness of the industry through her work on the staff of American Hort, Laura feels the basis of her job is in gardening communications. She uses her skills to stay in touch with the membership of her organizations:

“I like to help our American Hort members succeed.”

Simply put and successfully managed. Join Laura and hundreds of other garden communicators at the upcoming GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh, August 8 through 11, 2014. The Symposium is more than just a conference. Sure, there’s a show floor, new product introductions, seminars, and social networking. But this year there’s also dinner at the zoo, an evening boat trip, and TWO keynote presentations!

“A friend in the industry pointed out that people will always need to eat. I believe as more people live in cities, we’ll need to produce food closer and closer to them; food production will have to take place IN cities.”

Antoine works for the French company Florentaise and is involved in exporting wood fiber products for use by soil manufacturers.

Maria brings a zest for life to all her professional activities. She serves as Chairwoman to GWA’s Association Outreach Task Force and in that capacity networks through a vast array of industry leaders across the association spectrum. She became a garden communicator almost by accident:

“Writing was a force inside me that I didn’t know existed. The editor of Nursery Management [Magazine] asked me to be a guest editor when they were highlighting a different state with each issue. I found something that I was good at that I didn’t know that I was good at.”

And Maria has never looked back. Join her and hundreds of national garden communicators in Pittsburgh from August 8 through 11, 2014 for the annual GWA Symposium. Learn about gardening trends, new products, sustainable gardening, writing, photography, blogging, and more. Enjoy some of Pittsburgh’s finest gardens and even dine at the zoo!

Jeanine is enthusiastic about plants, especially while introducing new Proven Winners to the trade. Her reasons for garden communicating are many, but she boils them down to a few smart words:

“Because it allows me to work with wonderful people in a beautiful industry with an ever-changing landscape of exciting challenges.”

Wow. That’s an eye opening statement from one of the industry’s most outgoing professionals. Join Jeanine with hundreds of garden communicators as they converge in Pittsburgh on August 8, 2014 to participate in the GWA Symposium. This annual conference is open to anyone and provides 4 days of seminars, garden tours, networking, new product introductions, and celebration! Join us!

Asked why he holds his current position, Kevin Donnelly observed:

“I was motivated by the lack of educational opportunities in horticultural
soils. School coursework about soil focuses on agriculture. I made it my
professional mission to learn as much as I can about horticultural soils.”

Kevin is a Certified Horticulturist through ASHS and the Supervisor of
Quality Control for Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc.

In addition to being horticulturist and green house manager for the Allegheny Parks, Denise is the author of “Eat Your Roses” and the Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the upcoming GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh. With her career constantly reinforcing her passionate dedication to horticulture, she is a garden communicator because:

“I want to share my love of gardening. It’s something I breathe!”

Join Denise as she and her committee unveil the horticultural delights of Pittsburgh and its many gardening neighborhoods at the upcoming GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh, August 8 through 11: Tours, Trade Show, Social Networking, Education and Big City Lights!

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