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At Shenley Plaza, across the street from the University of Pittsburgh and in the shadow of the Cathedral of Learning, hundreds of garden writers danced on the lawn.

The breakfast line at the Phipps Conservatory assembled in the shadow of a corpse flower named Romero. The plant drew little attention as it had shed the familiar flower parts and looked pretty much like a tree.

Here’s Romero:

“I learned to garden from my father who maintained an eight-acre gentleman’s farm. When I moved to Alaska, I wrote gardening letters to my dad and those became my first gardening column for the local newspaper.

“I always write a column even when I have time off because if I don’t, the newspaper runs my photo with a note that says I’m on vacation for two weeks. That identifies an easy target for burglars.”

Jeff writes the longest running garden column in the US for the Anchorage Daily News. He also hosts The Garden Party radio show and has published books about plant nutrition and soil.

Header image by Filipe Fortes

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