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Attendees of the 2014 GWA Symposium in Pittsburgh had the zoo to themselves
after it closed. By then the critters had gone home for the evening, but
when it comes to garden writers, plants are the story. The zoo features
habitats that, where possible, resemble the biomes of the animals on
exhibit. And. garden writers got to see some of the zoo’s inhabitants.

“I had an interior landscaping business and did writing on the side. The writing was fun, it was interesting, and it paid enough to make it worthwhile.”

Ken Brown is very savvy about growing tropical plants indoors in a cold climate. As a consultant, he offers expertise in growing both ornamental and food plants. He speaks about gardening, and he writes gardening tips and insights for his website, http://www.gardening-enjoyed.com. Ken is a regional director for GWA region VII.

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